Join us!

All new band members come into the band through a waiting list. If you would like to play in the band, please fill out the form below. There is a cap of 75 on the sign up slots. Returning members will sign up first (we must do it this way since the band is very dependent on the experienced members being able to carry the newer ones along), and then it will be opened up to those on the waiting list. If we have more people on the waiting list than spaces available (as usually happens), band members will be selected according to length of time on the waiting list with some attention to balance of instruments. Musical ability and/or experience is not a factor in admission to the band

The above said, there is a limit on certain instruments that are difficult to integrate into the band either due to the nature of the instrument or staging complications. Those instruments are keyboard, bass, hammer dulcimers, percussion, and saxes/horns. If you play one of these instruments, you will have to wait until there is an opening in your particular section.

While you are waiting, I encourage you in the strongest of terms to go to the local contra dances if you are not already doing so, and to join in some of the playing opportunities listed below to get acquainted with contra dance music and gain some experience playing it.

Once you have contacted me, I can send you suggestions of several places where you can play contra dance music.